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From Beirut to Bamako, Havana to Ho Chi Minh City

Belong is a search for urban culture: knocking on doors, walking the streets and taking risks along the way. From the sophisticated corridors of artsy Stockholm to the dirt roads of Bamako to the people-littered streets of Mumbai. This is the collection of stories about the Global art scene and the eccentric characters that make it up.

Belong is also a look at how art, music and culture survive in places most of the rest of the world only associates with war, poverty and civil strife-like the Bob Marley cover band in Beirut or the architect/artist in Tel Aviv who wanted to incorporate the destruction into the new buildings.

Over the years Jennifer and her cameramen were dragged out of a club by riot police in Milan and tracked down and questioned in Belfast, they witnessed spirit possession in Senegal and got left on the side of the road by more than one driver.

The theme of belonging, being part of a larger community, is reflected in the hundred’s of images in the book, but especially in Jennifer’s photos of “wall art” — street level paintings that deal with political, social, spiritual and humorous themes.