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A travel show that combines super 8, 16mm, polaroids and betacam

Unlike other productions, we shot on a shoe string budget and were just a crew of two. We stayed for two weeks in each city trying to infiltrate the emerging art scene. Usually we had at least one connection, like a the 17 year old girl in Moscow who introduced us to all of the artists living in squats or the webfriend in Istanbul who suggested we come over and shoot his city. Sometimes it was just luck, like the time this guy on a motorbike in Beirut suggest we follow him to an apartment building to meet Lebanon’s Leonard Cohen.

Most times we were successful and made friends, went to galleries and shows, artists performed and painted for us. Many meals were shared. The process was documented, including the police trying to take our gear or traveling through checkpoints or a shaman being possessed. My greatest fear was to lose my notebooks…never did. Still have them.

The 41 TVFRAMES cities

Belfast, Melbourne, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Cape Town, Bamako, Dakar, Seoul, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh City, Stockholm, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Salvador da Bahia, Sao Paulo, Panama, Vancouver, St John’s, Iqaluit, Milan, Malta, Lisbon, Havana, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Ubud, Tokyo, Venice Beach, Cape Verde, Mexico City, New York City, Austin, Prague, Istanbul, Taipei, Shanghai, Vienna, Moscow, Harlem, San Juan, and Quebec City.

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The Episodes

You can watch full episodes here or on my Vimeo channel.